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My website is done. Right?

Web Development Misc

As a company that focuses on WordPress websites, customers frequently ask us when their website will be “done”, and for good reason. It is in many cases the manifestation of their dream. It could be the public face of their small business, their personal blog or even the online shop that they are going to […]

Why your website should be mobile friendly

iphone picture

Ten years ago the thought of making a website mobile friendly was looked at as a luxury that simply cost more with little actual benefit. Now in 2015 the idea of a mobile friendly site has become a necessity. At first the high demand was being driven from the growing use of consumers accessing the […]

The Value of Google Analytics

How can Google analytics help you? Chances are in many ways, with all the updates and alterations made the new Google analytics essentially does everything except cook you breakfast. Adding Google analytics to your site is not only beneficial but very simple to do.Google analytics can be your business marketing pro with loads of features […]

One Page or Traditional?

Incyte Website Mockup Layout

When creating a website you generally have two choices. It can be a traditional site which holds many different links and portals within the site itself. Or it can be what is becoming more and more popular which is a one page site. Why are people creating one page sites when they could have an […]

The Importance of SEO/SEM

What is SEO? If you have a website or have talked about creating one, SEO and SEM are two things you’ve heard about before. What exactly are they? Let’s start with SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), which by direct definition is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a […]