The Value of Google Analytics


How can Google analytics help you? Chances are in many ways, with all the updates and alterations made the new Google analytics essentially does everything except cook you breakfast.

Adding Google analytics to your site is not only beneficial but very simple to do.Google analytics can be your business marketing pro with loads of features to improve your website traffic and SEO all together. Here’s just a few key features we find the most useful and how simple it is to get started.


The first one is their remarketing feature. This shows you people who have recently searched or bought products similar to what you sell and then shows them ads for your company while they surf the web. This helps extensively for web marketing because it creates a specific target audience for you to advertise to instead of casting a line blindly (your money).

The second key feature being real-time reporting. This shows you who is on your site and where specifically they came from. This is very helpful because it allows you to see what recent ads or promotions brought in the most traffic.

Most importantly though all it takes to get started is signing up then you input the code received in your header and just like that you’re up and rolling!

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