Why your website should be mobile friendly

Ten years ago the thought of making a website mobile friendly was looked at as a luxury that simply cost more with little actual benefit. Now in 2015 the idea of a mobile friendly site has become a necessity. At first the high demand was being driven from the growing use of consumers accessing the web via phone or tablet, but now the Big Dog itself (Google) has made quite the splash in the website world making everyone rethink mobile.

google_flat_logoGoogle has recently, April 21, rolled out a new search algorithm that punishes websites extensively for not being mobile friendly. A site that was previously ranked in the Top 3 could be bumped all the way down to page 45 for mobile searches.

With Google being the most popular search engine in the world it might benefit you to play their algorithm games!

So how can I adapt?

Adaptation is the key to survival in the Animal Kingdom AND the Google Kingdom.
So to stay on top make sure:

  • Your site is responsive.
  • Text sizes are readable without having to zoom.
  • Links are spaced evenly.
  • Get rid of flash as sites using it will be penalized.

Also, check for blocked javascript, CSS and image files; unplayable content; faulty redirects; mobile-only 404’s; app download interstitial; irrelevant cross-links; and slow mobile pages.

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Test you site to see if it is mobile friendly here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/