One Page or Traditional?

When creating a website you generally have two choices. It can be a traditional site which holds many different links and portals within the site itself. Or it can be what is becoming more and more popular which is a one page site.

Why are people creating one page sites when they could have an extravagant 30+ page website? The answer is technology, mobile web users are increasing daily. Most people access the web through their phone now instead of computer.When accessing the web mobily a traditional  website is larger and may load slow, while a 1 page site is less data to load and can be easily navigated through a mobile device.

While a one page site is more mobile friendly a traditional site also has it’s values. The main being there is much more you can do with a traditional site in terms of features and layout. Also with a traditional site you can have more information instead of having to be short and to the point.

As true for anything though you get what you pay for. A one page site is not as complex and is going to cost you less in the end. But a traditional page for a more expensive cost might be what you have in mind for your the purpose of your site.

See for yourself here’s some slick one page sites as well as complex traditionals.

Slick one pagers:

Traditional Sites: A great example of a traditional site is, or on a large scale even