WordPress is great, relationships are better.

When Incyte Media was formed, it was primarily just a business opportunity. There seemed to be a lot of upside and the demand for WordPress development and support had never been greater.

Over the past several years however, while still a business we have found something more meaningful in the work than the themes, plugins, and content that make up the daily life of a WordPress agency. We have found that even as a contractor, we are a critical part of our customers’ teams and in most cases not just there to provide a temporary fix. While the work has not changed, our perspectives have.

We talk to many people each week who feel lost when it comes to their website or online strategy. In some cases, “that guy” (or gal) created them a site a few years ago and are nowhere to be found when they need help of some sort. Others include people that while well intentioned at the start have realized that their time is best spent managing their business rather than their website. In each of these cases (and many others) people are just looking for reliability and someone who they know will be there to support them for the coming weeks, months and years.

While WordPress still provides a great platform for our business, it is no longer the primary focus. Instead, we are in the people business. It is the people behind the problem that get us up each day so that we can provide them the confidence that their website is in good hands. We appreciate all the customer’s that trust us with such an important responsibility and look forward to developing many more personal relationships with customers in the coming years as we are blessed with such a great opportunity to meet you and learn about your businesses. After all, regardless of the business you are in, it really is all about the people and the relationships.