Younger Generation

There has been a Millennial Takeover of the Internet

Teenagers, Millennials, or the younger generation. However you refer to them,the age group  that is using internet the most averages from ages 12-20. With this said, what makes a website appealing to their generation and fits their needs/wants?

Just as curious as you are, we asked 5 college students aged 18-20 to see how their online habits compared to the large scale demographics.

We asked three males and two females the corresponding questions, and our answers are as follows. The number beside an answer represents how many people chose that same website or option.
sjgenWhat sites non social media do you visit frequently?

  • Male: 2 NFL, 1 ESPN
  • Female: Google, Netflix

What social Media sites do you use?

  • Male: 3 Facebook & Instagram
  • Female: 2 Instagram & Twitter

What are key features you notice in popular websites?

  • Male: 3 Easy Navigation
  • Female: Comedy, few ads

What turns you off to a website?

  • Male: 2 Difficult Navigation, 1 annoying ads
  • Female: unprofessional setup, not phone friendly

How do you access the web mobile or computer? Both, phone/phone/phone

  • Male: 2 Both, 1 Phone
  • Female: 2 Phone

How many hours a day would you say you spend on the web?

  • Male: 2 One Hour, 1 One-Two Hours
  • Female: 2 One Hour

So what should I implement within my website to attract younger generation?

  1. Easy navigation
  2. minimal disturbing ads
  3. mobile capable


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