Russ Lamb

Make no mistake, Russ Lamb’s work is not the sweet and cloying stuff that issues from the representational school of Western art. You’ll find little of the warm and fuzzy to cling to in Lamb’s imagery. As an ardent outdoorsman and conservationist, Russ understands that nature is beautiful but indifferent, that nature is chaos, that nature is life and death itself. When hunting game there comes that crucial moment when the arrow is knocked, when the hammer is cocked, when the fly rod is swept back into the initial arc of the backcast. Intent gives way to action; the conscious part of the brain surrenders to the purely reptilian. Between the thought-the plan to deliver the kill shot or the unerring cast-and its actual execution, there falls a shadow. It’s that incomprehensible shadow which inhabits and informs each and every piece Russ Lamb creates.

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