Linkedin – In Plain English

This article is meant to give you an insight of one of the best online social networking site at the moment. According to the information presented on the site, this site gathers around 19 million registered users, representing 150 industries. LinkedIn is now considered to be the fastest growing business networking site and it offers a wide range of benefits.

Here is a brief list of benefits of using Linkedin:

  • Networking
  • Hiring
  • Posting jobs
  • Get business advice; expertise
  • Find high-quality passive candidates (people who are not really looking for a job)
  • Make money; “Even if you are not a professional recruiter, you could work your contacts to find candidates for a recruiter and charge a finder’s fee” Ajay Jain states in his recently published book, Let’s Connect Using LinkedIn to get ahead at work.
  • As an employer you could save a great deal of money that you might have needed to spend on recruiters’ fees or on advertising.

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