Jimmy Bivens – Musician

Bivens, a Boise resident, is fresh off a tour in support of his recent debut release “Tell the Story,” which features a diverse lineup of tracks. Imagine Bonnie Raitt, John Hiatt and the music from “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” all blended into one CD, and you’ll have an idea. Bivens’ style was recently described as “Americana,” and he was flattered by the label.
Although his past is easy enough to summarize, the future is a different story. He recently sent his CD to a national distribution company and a major label. He’s also considering a tour that would last between one and three years.

Life as a musician isn’t anything new to Bivens. He’s been doing it for about 30 years. The difference now? He’s become a full-time musician. “For the first time in my life, enough people got me to focus only on my craft, and I’m not looking back,” he says.
Bivens has enough songs for nearly three more albums. He’s not sure when he’ll record again, but he’s already thinking about how those releases will sound. One release may begin all-electric, then end with acoustic songs. Another release might be all-instrumental with no vocals.

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