How to Choose Keywords for Blog Titles

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Your blog post title is important to your article’s search engine optimization. Especially, the first 3-6 keywords of your title are crucial to your SEO. Choosing keywords for your title involves knowing which keywords are used by your potential audience to find what you offer in your content. If you want to get the most traffic possible, make sure that your blog posts have important keywords that hint about the content. More and more site owners are using blogs to both communicate with consumers and add search-engine friendly content in the hope of attracting more web traffic. According to an October 2008 study from BuzzLogic and JupiterResearch, 27 percent of Internet users read blogs and nearly one in five consumers are influenced by blogs when they are considering a purchase—so there is little doubt that blogs are effective. Put some serious thought into the keywords in your title. It can be tricky because you need the title to make sense both to users and Search Engines.

    Blog Titles are Powerful!

  • Use keyword toolsGoogle AdWords – to improve blog titles. The Google Keyword Tool is now the most accurate way to start with a term like “gardening” and come up with an editorial calendar that includes articles with niche keyword phrases like “how to start a flower garden” and “how to start a hydroponic garden”. Both, as we discovered, are likely to get you on page one in Google due to the less competitive nature of those exact terms.
  • Use Common or General Keywords and/or Terms
  • Write the Title First *Tip: Picking long tail keywords will give you a chance to get traffic and enable you to rank higher because of low competition.

In conclusion, blogs are effective ways to communicate with customers and should increase web traffic, but for best results, strategically develop your titles.

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