10 Fantastic Facebook Fan Page Features

1. Title page
When creating your Fan page one of the first things you will need a good title. If you’re branding yourself you will want to use your name. If you’re branding a business or concept then you’ll need to give a little more thought to it. Give it some good thought and be prepared for some traffic.

2. Professional picture or tower
A Fan page is a more professional page than your profile. So you may want a more professional image on it. Again, if you are branding yourself you will want an image of yourself, and the more professional looking the picture the better. When you do settle on a picture… keep it there. If you change you picture often you’ll loose familiarity.

You can also create a “Tower” this is a custom picture with graphics. They are very sharp and professional. This will require some coding in the FBTML world and may be better to outsource.

3. Engaging Bio
A good bio is worth its weight in gold. The right words or phrases will allow the new visitor to get the idea of what your page is about. Simple, funny, edgy is good… make sure to keep it clean and professional. You are creating an image for your business. If that business is you, you want to make sure you’re leaving the right impression. Keep on the lookout for some changes coming up later this year. There’s some noise out there that Facebook will change the dimensions for the picture and tab sections.

4. Change the options
After you created your page, go to the front of it and change the options to “post by page and fans.” This setting allows for your “fans” to feel like they can interact with you easier.
* To do this click on options
* Click on settings
* Under default view for wall select “posts by page and fans.”

5. Interactive information
Under the information tab, you’ll want to lead visitors to your blog or website. You can do this by giving them a reason why they should go there. Be informative… don’t’ be afraid to tell them that there’s more goodies in the link below. If people see a weak information section they’ll probably leave just as fast as they got there. So make it interesting.

6. Vanity URL
After you have 25 fans you can create a vanity url. This is very powerful and easier to note on your marketing material. When selecting a name keep in mind simple is better. Go www.facebook.com/username for instance my page is http://www.Facebook.com/TribeMastery. You can also grab a vanity name for your personal profile as well.

7. Custom Landing or Welcome Tab
A custom welcome tab is a great way to greet new visitors. You can use a video, an opt in form, pictures and text. You will need to know some FBTML, again you may want to outsource to someone who can help. You can find a good sample here: http://www.facebook.com/ExtremeNetworking

8. Content in… Content out
Keep it fresh by adding content often. You may want to have your page updated anywhere from once every 2 days to 3-4 times a day. You don’t want any more than that or the updates will start to go unnoticed. If you’re page is brand new you’ll want to give your fans the option of adding content. Encourage them to share information that’s relevant to your niche or business. Personal stories and ideas are perfect as well.

If you’re page is really buzzing with content and fans then you may want to remove the share feature and have your fans go to the discussion tab. This would start to make sense when the number of fans reaches the multiple thousands.

Content out means sending your posts to Twitter. In the edit my page section you can broadcast your status posts to your Twitter feed. Only your updates go get published to your feed. Your fan’s posts do not. In addition to twitter you can grab the html code for the Facebook fan page box and add it to a text widget on your blog. This cross syndication process really helps your content go viral. Again, only your posts on your page will be seen on your blog.

9. Be Active
It’s called “Social Media” for a reason… be social for crying out loud. For instance, when you start a conversation with someone do you leave the room while their talking? Of course not. So make sure you keep coming back and replying to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment on your page or status. You can also reply to your own status updates to keep the thread going. You may need to give it a little time to catch on.

10. Create An Active Fan page.
There’s a difference in being active and create a; vibrant, attractive, active fan page. You can be adding all the great content you want all day long, but if your fans are not coming back, then there’s a reason.

* Ask questions in your status
* Tag people when adding their link
* Encourage people to ask questions
* Add a poll. http://twtpoll.com is a good free place to start
* Message you fans. Yes you can still do this. Click edit page, then click “message to fans”
* Utilize the discussion board. This is a great way to archive posts as well.
* Thank your fans
* Announce milestones on your journey

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